Singer/Songwriter/Performing Artist

Wolf Schubert-K. is an old hand of his genre and yet an insider tip. The singer-songwriter has always carved out his own niche in European rock and folk music.

In the 90s Wolf was on the road as a pioneer of what was then called “Alternative Country". With the DIRTY BIRDIES, the COSMIC TWINS and the American songwriter/author Bob Lyng, he toured France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

After a ten-year-long, search-driven recovery, Wolf returned with his "Sacred Blues" album in 2009, clarified and much more thoughtful.

After a total of 4 albums, "Free Spirit", a rough folk album with guests from the singer/songwriter scene, is out now, produced by Tom Ripphahn (analoghaus).

If you attend a performance of Wolf Schubert-K. you experience  authentic music with rough edges. Protest songs, folk ballads, thoughtful country and gospel songs and roots-rock elements shape the foundation for his memorable voice and his stories of fall and rise.

Wolf regularly spends time in Canada due to family ties, subsequently he opened shows for the Canadian songwriters Catherine MacLellan and Amanda Rheaume as well as the Americans Terry Lee Hale and David Munyon.


He regularly organizes the GERMANICANA FOLK FESTIVAL in the Rhine-Main region with friends and musicians of the genre, getting  roots and folk-based music out of its niche existence. Meanwhile, a considerable community has established itself in the region.


As a committed individualist and independent artist, he has released his latest album under his own banner. "I cannot yield to a band or to a label or anything else that holds me down" says the free spirit...