-Wolf Schubert-K.

 "Free Spirit"

  (analoghaus, 2017)

-Wolf Schubert-K. & The Sacred Blues Band

 "The Next Few Miles"

  (Performance Music, 2013)

 -Wolf Schubert-K. & The Sacred Blues Band

 "Live at Weseler Werft"

  (Performance Music, 2010)


-Wolf Schubert-K.

 "Sacred Blues"

    (Hofa, 2009)


-Beg, borrow or steal

  (w/Cosmic Twins)

  (E.P. 1997)

 -Silos and Utility Sheds

  (Sampler, Glitterhouse Records 1995)

 -Roots all over the goddamn´place

  (Sampler, t wah!, 1995)

 -If you don´t get f*** on a saturday night

  You´ll never get f*** at all

  (Sampler, Henry records, 1994)

 -Cosmic Twins

  (Album, Glitterhouse Records, 1994)

-Grown up child

  (w/Too Rude)

  (EP, Vinyl, Doggybag, 1989)


Free spirit (2017) - Wolf Schubert-K.
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One fine day (2017) - Wolf Schubert-K.
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Come and tell me - Wolf Schubert-K.
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