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Feedback vol.5

Graham Hunt, singer/songwriter(Great Britain):

My friend Wolf Schubert-k sent me his new album "Sad Songs" - a beautiful and generous gift gratefully received!

I am a big fan of Wolf's - he has one of those world-weary voices that tug on your emotions and his musical tastes and influences mirror my own. This new album with his friends Julia Embers and Steffen Huther, is wonderful. If you like your music in an acoustic Americana style, with flavours of Dylan, Warren Zevon, John Hiatt and Neil Young then you will love this album. In fact there is a cover of Neil Young's 'Harvest Moon' here, along with a couple of great Hank Williams tunes - there's even one of Wolf's songs that could easily have been written by Robert Hunter and another with the intriguing title "Kiss Like Jimi Hendrix Plays Guitar".

So do yourself a favour and pop over to Wolf's website and buy the album - you'll not only be receiving a great collection of music, you'll be supporting one of Germany's finest independent singer/songwriters. Thank you Wolf!

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Ich dachte immer, ich hätte schon gute CD's --- Bis diese kam. Das Album "SAD SINGS" äähh... SONGS" setzt noch einen oder mehrere drauf! Zum in die Luft springen ... trotz "SAD..." Und danke für die P


ANGELIKA (FAN/KÄUFER) Du bist so klasse! Danke für diese bezaubernde Post und das Lachen beim Auspacken, für die lyrics und die Anmerkungen für HardcoreFans. Danke an alle, die an der traurig schönen


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