a musical shortmovie by Bine Morgenstern

Filmed in Nanaimo BC., Canada

Come and tell me

Official clip by WS-K. & Bine Morgenstern

 Artsy musicvideo from the new album FREE SPIRIT


Tiletrack of the new album FREE SPIRIT

original album title .Guerillacut by WS-K. 

Making of Free Spirit 1

über die Entstehung des Albums FREE SPIRIT und darüber hinaus...

Raues Guerrilla-Video über die Entstehung und Philosophie hinter FREE SPIRIT (Ein weiterer Teil in Planung)

Which side are you on?

Liveclip from recordrelease @ BROTFABRIK Frankfurt

The ultimate protestsong!! Wild version with the bunch..

Live @ Maximal

liveclip of FREE SPIRIT

WS-K. with Bine Morgenstern, Sue Ferrers and Willy Wagner. March 2018


Live @Brotfabrik Frankfurt

Wolf with Biber Herrmann. Pure!

Wayfaring Stranger

Live @ Brotfabrik

The old traditional made it into the twenty-first century!!

Could it be

Liveclip from record release @ BROTFABRIK Frankfurt

Writen in the 90s! Still a favorite!!

Time to get up

Live @ Brotfabrik Frankfurt

Rough impression of "starting the revolution"

All my tears

Recorded live by Radio Venice livestream @ Abbey Road Institute

Nice duo  with Bine Morgenstern singing harmonies. Recorded live for radio broadcast!!


Wolf Schubert-K. & The Sacred Blues Band


Free spirit

Live @ Die Salongesellschaft Eltville/Martinsthal

Livevideo von 2017 mäßige Qualität, aber schöne Stimmung!

Come and tell me

WS-K. with Family&Friends

Record release @ Brotfabrik, Frankfurt

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